Can my balloons be posted?

If you don’t live local to Sunderland we currently do not post balloons out, however we are currently looking to deliver in future. Please contact us for requirements.

How long will my balloons last?

11″ latex: minimum of 24 hours with hi-float gel)
18″ foil: 3-5 days
Giant foil shapes (including numbers): 3-5 days
Orbz balloons: 1-2 weeks
20″ bubble: 1-2 weeks
24″ bubble: 1-2 weeks
These are average float times, this may vary depending on the conditions and room temperatures.
Please note vinyl writing may start to wrinkle, so please order as close to the vent as possible.

Why has my foil balloon deflated a little?

If you move your foil balloons from a warm area to a cold place i.e. outside if its a cold or windy day, in a car or a garage? The foil balloons will deflated slightly because helium contracts in cool air and makes balloons look deflated. If you place them back at room temperature they will return to their normal size.

Which type of balloons are environmentally friendly?

Latex balloons are 100% biodegradable and are made from natural latex from rubber trees however they must be disposed of with household or commercial waste where they will decompose in landfill.

Do you deliver or can I collect?

We do offer delivery for larger orders and party setups within Sunderland or surrounding areas however will need to confirm prior to orders. We can arrange collections to suit a time and date and will be as flexible as we can. We need the date of collection rather than the birthday or event.