Care Tips

Remove helium balloons from their bags as soon as possible. Please be gentle when transporting them, if they are forced into a car or small space they may burst. Only keep them in cars for the period of transporting and remove them as soon as possible. DO not keep them in a car overnight.

Balloons are designed for indoor use – store/keep them at room temperature so they last as long as possible. Do not keep them near a radiator, window or in cars. Protect them from direct sun/heat as it can cause balloons to expand and pop. Cold, wind, rain and sunlight will affect the float times.

Extreme cold temperatures will temporarily shrink foil balloons. However once they are moved to room temperature they are restored.

Latex balloons are biodegradable and if left outside or exposed to sun or heat they will show signs of oxidisation (can become a matte colour and lose their shine).

We can advise on the best type of balloons for the length of float time you require.

Protect balloons from shape objects or rough surfaces as this is likely to puncture and deflate the balloon.

Balloons are made up to 24 hours in advance of your date to check for any faults and ensure any faults are corrected.

Once balloons have been collection/delivered they are no longer my responsibility. Replacements may be charged for however we will do our best endeavours to assist and replace where possible.

Please ensure small children are supervised at all times with balloons. If they pop they could become a choking hazard and long ribbons could become entangled.

Once balloons are finished please dispose of them responsibly, pop them and bin them.